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Jill Wilbur Smith

Jill Smith

Jill is a 50-something writer, memory keeper and professional communicator. Through personal essays, storytelling and scrapbooks, she documents her life. About her role as memory keeper, Jill says, “I combine words and photographs to create a history that will prove to future generations that I once stood in this place, at this time, with these people and that—like water dripping on rock—I made an impression.”

Jill received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Hamline University in 2007. She was a finalist for the 2005-2006 Loft Mentor Series for creative nonfiction and for the 2005 Speakeasy Prize for Poetry and Prose. She is a professional communicator with over 20 year’s experience. Jill lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, Gary, and their two daughters, Emily (co-author of this blog), and Sarah.

The views in this blog are her own.

Contact Jill at jwsmith@autismfractal.com, or connect with her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JillPoint

Emily Michelle Smith


Emily is a builder of worlds, master of language, and entry-level professional smart person. Like many other movers and shakers, she holds a B.A. in English; she received her degree from a little college on the prairie known as the University of Minnesota, Morris. Emily chose this course of study because she wanted to “live like a writer,” and has since concluded that writers lay claim to no inherent habit or lifestyle save one: that they spend their lives writing. Considering that her life remains in progress, she has not met her goal. Perhaps she ought to have started smaller.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys playing music, playing with fire, playing hard-to-get, playing with other people’s pets, and playing “Let’s Make Believe” in expert mode— but playing with ideas has always suited her best. She currently lives with her family in the Twin Cities Metro area of Minnesota.



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5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Looking forward to reading your entries. I parent an 11 year old Aspie and see a lot of myself in him. It always is reaffirming to me when I read or hear another’s experiences that are so similar to my own! Thank you for being willing to share! I’ve always dreamed of doing this but my ADHD and lack of time seem to get in the way every time :D

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  3. I’m trying to reconnect with a wonderful gal named Jill, who, about 25yrs ago, sent me a huge stack of Fraggle Rock books to Austin, TX, for my daughter, Bryna. The Jill I’m looking for has a daughter with autism. I hope I’m not out of line, but might that be you? Thank you. Penny

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